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安徽快3控股公司将收购加拿大上市公司LITHIUM X ENERGY CORP.全部股份


201712月,安徽快3控股公司香港安徽快3未来视界新能源雄狮有限公司 (NextView New Energy Lion HongKong Limited)与加拿大上市公司Lithium X Energy Corp.达成协议,拟通过协议安排方式收购其全部股份,收购总现金对价为不高于2.65 亿加元(约合美元2.06 亿元,或人民币13.65 亿元)。若交易完成,Lithium X将私有化退市,香港安徽快3未来视界新能源雄狮有限公司将对境外全资锂矿项目直接控股,并继续融资开展碳酸锂提取的基建生产投资。或者,待安徽快3与西藏珠峰拟参与设立的并购基金募集设立完成,经相关方内部决策机构审议,向基金转让本次拟收购项目的控股权,由基金提供开发项目资源所需的投资。以下为Financial Times官网报道:


Chinese groups make $C265m swoop for Canada’s Lithium X

China’s Tibet Summit Resources and its partner NextView Capital have agreed to buy Canadian lithium producer Lithium X for $C265m (USD $206m), the latest move by Chinese companies to secure battery raw materials for the world’s largest electric car market.

Lithium X will be delisted from the TSX Venture Exchange after the deal, Tibet Summit Resources said. Shares in Lithium X were halted for trading Monday.

The deal is the second investment by Beijing-based NextView Capital into battery metal lithium market in the last two weeks, following its agreement last week to buy a 20 percent stake in London-listed Bacanora Minerals.

Chinese companies have been on a buying spree for lithium and cobalt companies over the past year, signing agreements for future supply of the metals. The string of deals come as auto companies have announced ambitious plans for electric vehicles in the country.

Lithium X has two lithium projects in Argentina’s Salta province, as well as a stake in Pure Energy Metals, which is developing a lithium project in Nevada.

From Financial Times